How do I get the name engraving service?

Customers who purchase a minimum single pack of 600g dried meat product via our online store will receive Oloiya Premium Gift Box with a complimentary customised name engraving service on the box.

Please note that, customers who purchase 2 packs of 300g dried meat (to total up to 600g) or any non-dried meat products will not be entitled to the engraving service and Premium Gift Box.


凡网购600克单包装以上我来也肉干产品即可免费获得好礼盒送赠人 名字刻印服务。

刻印服务只限于600克单包装,举例,要是您购买2包300克肉干 产品或非肉干产品将不能

Can I get the engraving service in-stores?

For the moment, this service is online exclusive only. Please stay connected with us on our Facebook page for the latest updates.



May I return or exchange an engraved Premium Gift Box?

Unfortunately, engraved products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please ensure you check your final order confirmation before making online payment through Oloiya website.



Where will the item be engraved?

Our engraving experts have determined the best placement for the engraving on the gift box. This will ensure the best results for your engraved gift box. You may click on the “Engraving Sample” button on the cart page to view a sample.


我们的刻印专员已锁定最佳刻印范围,务求让您作为送赠人的名称呈现于最显眼的部分。 您可进入“刻印范例”以查阅礼盒刻印成果。

Can I choose my engraving style?

At this time, only English name (maximum 14 letters) can be engraved and we do not offer the option to select a desired font or placement. Our engraving experts have pre-determined the ideal font and placement for the best results


目前而言,我们只能提供单一字形的英文名称(最多14字母) 作为刻印选项。我们的刻印专员已为您设定好字形与最佳 刻印效果。

Can I engrave more than one name on my Premium Gift Box?

At this time, only one name (maximum 14 letters) can be engraved on the Premium Gift Box, and limited to only one name per order. You may need to make another order if you wish to add a different name.


目前而言,我们只限于一个名称的刻印服务(最多14字母)。您可网购更多礼盒以刻印 各别不同名称。

Can I change the engraving name after my order is made?

You may contact us immediately if you made an error in your engraving name.

However, if your order is already in delivery process, we will not be able to accept any changes to your engraving name.


要是填写名称过程出现错误,您可立即联络我们作资料纠正。要是礼盒已于发送途中,我 们则不能再作任何修改。